HP India


Hewlett Packard, or HP as it is more commonly referred to, has been a leader in the technology markets since 1939. HP came to be when two friends, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, studying at Stanford University decided to start up small business in a garage. The duo had access to limited resources but worked tirelessly to develop cutting edge technology for the time. There first invention being the Model 200A audio oscillator which out performed the competition and was sold at a much cheaper price. They captured the attention of an engineer at Walt Disney Studios and following some design improvements sold eight Model 200B oscillators to Walt Disney Studios.

Following this success and a coin toss, Bill and Dave, decided on a company name, Hewlett-Packard and moved to larger premises in 1940. Their original garage premises was recognised and registered in 1987 as the official birth place of Silicon Valley. It is a registered California Landmark.

Since the 1940's HP has always valued its employees with bonus schemes, pioneering health insurance plans and open plan office environments to stimulate creativity.

In the early 1950's HP invented the 524A High Speed Frequency Counter which significantly reduced the time required to measure frequencies and later the first Oscilloscopes. These inventions were huge revenue earners for the company. In 1961 the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange but first refusal on shares was given to its employees in 1957, as well as share packages for loyal staff, before going public.

In 1958 HP acquired F. L. Moseley Company, which produced graphic recorders. This acquisition launched HP into the printing market. In 1966 HP laboratories opened creating the first central hub for all of their pioneering developments in technology. The laboratory saw the development of the actomic clock and the first HP computer amongst others.

HP continued to go from strength to strength in the 70's and 80's with the introduction of flexible working for employees and further developments in computers, calculators, digital watches, personal information devices, touch screen technology and a global presence. The mid 80's saw HPs first laserjet and deskjet printers hit the markets. Ever at the forefront of innovation in 1991 HP launched a recycling programme for their laserjet print cartridges. Since then HP have made giant leaps in technological developments that just keep getting better. This is why they are considered one of the leading brands for printing and computer technology.